Create a CHIPER Report

To create a CHIPER Report, upload the returned Eligibilty File text that you received from DHCS. The software will process the file, and a report will then be available for download. No information will be saved or stored, so download straight after conversion.

  1. Fill out all information in Section 1.
    • NPI number for your LEA
    • First name of the person generating this report
    • Last name of the person generating this report
    • Name of District/COE requesting this report
    • Email address of the District/COE contact (email of person generating the report)
    • District/COE street address
    • District/COE zip code
  2. Next, click the "Browse" button, and locate your returned eligibility flatfile.txt
  3. Then click "Get Report." After a few moments, CHIPER will let you know that the report is ready for download.
  4. Click "Download" to view your CHIPER report. For HIPAA security reasons, you will have five minutes to download your CHIPER report. After five minutes, your report will no longer be accessible.
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